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Clear the Clutter with a Daily Flight Plan


Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 9.35.36 PMWendy’s random fact: In her lifetime the average married woman spends five-and-a-half years dusting, hoovering and keeping the house spic and span.

Sometimes it seems like it might take more than 5 years to get a clean house! One of my best finds online is my free daily flight plan from FlyLady takes the goal of a clean house, breaks down that goal into tackling one area of the house a week then sends out a daily flight plan on what specific tasks to do everyday. Each task should take you less than a half hour. Ideally if you keep up with the flight plan you will be guest ready at the drop of a hat. Check it out for yourself and if you have kids get them involved with the daily FLY Kids Challenges.